Since an early age I have always had a creative eye and with the help, support and motivation of friends and family I have been able to make Nediac's a reality. I am from a small town in North Carolina called Leland and currently reside in the big state of Texas.

Our vision started off as just an idea and way to make individualized clothing for our toddler son. As time went on my husband and I started to get questioned about his tee shirts. When we were out in public people wanted to know where we got his shirts and how they could order. This in itself made me so excited to know that others were interested in my creations!!  I am a supporter of small shops on IG so I though to myself, "hey, why not start my own", and that's exactly what I did! The rest is history!

I hope that you enjoy wearing our items just as much as I enjoyed creating them for you! Happy shopping!!

 Why I love what I do!

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