​Will my items look the "exact" same as the photo on the website?

Items are handmade so no one item will be exactly the same but they will be very similar in size and style. Font and overall content will be the exact same.


How long will it take to receive my order?

We SHIP 2 to 3 week after your order date, unless the item you ordered it a "Pre-Order" item. If you ordered a "pre order" your order will go out 2 to 3 week after the last day of preorders. For example, If you place an order for a "pre-order" item on Jan1st but pre-orders don't close until Jan. 20th your order will ship 2 to 3 week based off of the Jan. 20th date. Your delivery date will depend on your location and if you are international or not.

Shipping and Tracking

Your order will ship by USPS. Once your order has shipped you will not be automatically updated with a tracking number but one can be provided to you upon request. If you have not received your order within 3 weeks of your order date and have not been contacted by the owner please feel free to email her on her personal email @ Shequitaandrews@gmail.com

Returns & Refunds

Absolutely no refunds, but if there is an issue with your item(s) depending on the circumstance we will be willing to work out store credits.



Thank you for shopping with us!

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